Experiencing God’s presence, together.

New Breath Spirituality Center is a place where we can learn and talk about contemporary topics on connecting with God, spirituality, and spiritual practices– as well as try some out for ourselves. We all long for that connection and relationship with God, and New Breath offers opportunities to help us do that. Through online gatherings and in-person events across the country, we experience God’s presence together.

New Breath gets its name from John 20:22, when the resurrected Jesus breathes on the disciples and invites them to receive the Holy Spirit. Guest speakers, spiritual practice groups, and partnerships with spiritual directors are just some of the ways New Breath hopes to bring people closer to God.

New Breath is for everyone– if you have never stepped foot in a church and want a deeper spiritual connection to God, if you have been burned by the church and want a different way to connect with God and others, if you are a church-goer looking for a deeper spiritual life– this is the place for you. We come from all walks of life and backgrounds, brought together in our mission to seek and know God.

So let’s experience Jesus’ Holy Spirit breath, as it breathes new spiritual life into us. Let’s experience new breath, together.

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